All the luxuries at your reach

Grass Arena

Grass arena of 140 x 80 m.

Sand arenas


8 sand arenas (competition, warm-up, flat work and longing arenas)  all equipped with Risohorse ebb and flow riding surface by Dammann.



Restaurants in the area of competition and commercial blocks and village.

Parking / Stables / Commercial Village

Parking Lot


Asphalted parking lot for trucks, with individual electricity and water supply.



300 permanent boxes 3 x 3,50 m and 700 portable boxes 3 x 3 m

Commercial Village


Located near to the competition arenas


The Oliva Nova Equestrian Centre means a very important leap for the European horse-riding. With eight arenas built by Klaus Dammann, our centre can compare to the best in the international circuit, as it brings the best horsemen from over 44 countries from all 5 continents. The Oliva Nova Equestrian Centre qualifies to host official competitions, both national and international, dressage and jumping.

  • 8 sand arenas built by Klaus Dammann Risohorse® (Ebb and Flow system).
  • Grand Prix grass arena (140 x 80 m).
  • 300 permanent boxes
  • 700 portable stables
  • Paved parking lot for trucks with individual electricity and water connections
  • Variety of restaurants at the show grounds and Stable área
  • Commercial Village
  • 500 m distance to the beach

1. Warm-up area

2. Arena Valencia

3. VIP Tent

4. Arena Oliva Nova

5. Village

6. Arena Oliva

7. Warm-up area

8. Stables

9. Warehouse

10. Farrier

11. Veterinary clinic

12. Lunging arena

13. Flat work arena




Dear clients:


SPORT VETS CLINIC would like to introduce you some aspects of the MET veterinary services.


Our clinic is headed by:  Dr. Pepe Simo, five times Olympic Vet and one of the best Sport Equine  Medicine Specialist in Europe.The equipment of the clinic is the best todays technology: digital x-rays and ultrasound; endoscopy; complete blood test equipment with results at the moment. Ozonotherapy treatment (dorso-lumbar; sacroiliac and cervical). No doping. Prepurchase Exams

24h Emergencies


It will be a pleasure to help you. 
Best Regards, Sport Vets Clinic Team



Doctor José Simo
+34 636 52 53 52
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Clinic Director